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Fresh fruit & vegetable promotional campaigns around Europe and beyond

Consumers around the globe love fresh fruit and vegetables for their taste, flavour, nutritional value and convenience. However, the promotion of fruit and vegetables consumption is of major importance with a view to reverse the stagnating, and in some cases decreasing, consumption trend experienced throughout Europe. In order to further boost the consumption and increase awareness of the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables, the industry is continuously investing in various promotion activities.

This database of promotion activities in Europe and beyond aims at disseminating information on actions being undertaken by the sector for the promotion of consuming fruits and vegetables, raising the effectiveness of the campaigns, and hopefully encourage the realisation of more promotional activities which in turn benefits the consumer and informs industry and policy makers on best practices. If you have discovered any interesting websites or are running a promotion campaign, please feel free to provide us with the respective information.

 France – Joya apples focus on young people and coolness

Three years ago, the apple brand Joya was launched, targeted towards teenagers and focusing on the coolness of the product. Through the marketing company Proride, Joya Europe is working together with different professional athletes such as the Dutch kitesurfing star Youri Zoon to show that vitamin-rich nutrition and sport go hand in hand. “We want to make eating an apple cool, and alternative to the energy drinks consumed a lot by young people,” says Xavier Meignen Lainer from Proride. The campaign also highlights that the Joya apple is more resistant to bruises than other apples while remaining fresh and crunchy which makes it perfect to fit it into a backpack and consume it on the road.

Joya also promotes itself as an apple for the entire family by keeping in-store campaigns focused on the parents. Here, the properties of the apple are in the main focus.

Joya consists of the top segment of the Cripps Red apples, a cross between the Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. 126 growers in France and seven sales organizations are behind the Joya brand and the acreage of the apple could further increase in the future.


United States – New campaign relies on sport and movie celebrities to reach teenagers

The Partnership For A Healthier America, a project supported by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), has launched an ambitious on and offline fruit and vegetable campaign called Fruit ‘N’ Vegetables or FNV for short. The campaign targets teenagers from 11-18 years and complements the Eat Brighter campaign supported by Michelle Obama (see Fresh Times 1/2015).

FNV wants to make fruits and vegetables “cool, convenient, and culturally resonant” instead of insisting on preaching health, said Sunkist Growers’ Vice President of Marketing and PMA Chair Kevin Fiori. The campaign has enrolled high-profile celebrities including a number of NFL (Cam Newton) and NBA stars (Stephen Curry), as well as actors (Jessica Alba) and musicians (Nick Jonas). The main idea is to create the FNV brand for fruit and vegetables. Young people are the most brand-conscious customers of all, and fruit and vegetables are today mainly considered commodities rather than brands. “We want to create more emotional resonance around fruits and vegetables, with the goal of increasing consumption and sales of fruits and vegetables,” said Victors & Spoils chief marketing officer Andy Nathan.

FNV started out on the internet with its own website www.TeamFNV.com, along with social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In a second step, FNV was also promoted through TV and print ads in two key markets — Fresno, California, and Hampton Roads, Virginia.


  Germany /Austria – San Lucar enlists Shaun the Sheep for promotion campaign

San Lucar has started printing Shaun the Sheep from the animated film Paddington on its produce packaging for strawberries as well as on McDonald’s Happy Meals. Consumers can cut out the image of the sheep and send it back to San Lucar to win different prizes including a trip to London. McDonald’s is also running a promotion campaign featuring Shaun the Sheep in which it promises customers a plastic sheep as well as a free bag of carrot sticks with the purchase of a Happy Meal.


 Poland – Krakow starts free distribution programme in schools

The city of Krakow is handing out free fruit and vegetables for its school students to achieve a permanent change in the eating habits of children. Katarzyna Cięciak, Deputy Mayor of Krakow for Education and Sports, said that "this application is really easy to fill in, and I will send letters to heads of education (schools, kindergartens and nurseries) encouraging them to apply." The cities Agricultural Market Agency will then inform suppliers that are tasked to deliver the produce to the schools. The distribution programme will also be accompanied by additional educational activities to achieve a sustainable and lasting switch towards fruit and vegetables.


 Spain – Asprocan supports Gran Canaria marathon

At this year’s “DISA Gran Canaria Marathon” that took place in Las Palmas on 25 January, the banana association of the Canary Islands, Asprocan, supplied the runners with bananas. The sixth edition of the was a great success with 915 participants in the full marathon, 3,005 participants in the half marathon, 3,500 subscribers to the 10K and more than 30,000 people. Different kinds of bananas were available at different stages throughout the run, but also behind the finish line and in different tents for music and entertainment.


 United States – Ambrosia apples promotion during the Oscars

Ambrosia apples have created a promotion campaign around the Oscar ceremony. During the Oscar ceremony, gift bags are traditionally handed to all the participants, usually including lush gifts. This year, the gift bag also contained an Ambrosia apple. The apple ‘present’ got quite a good media coverage as it was the only fresh product in the gift bags, which usually contain products for thousands of dollars.


 Netherlands – Large-scale campaign for Junami apples

Junami apples have started a campaign in the Netherlands, in which they market themselves as a snack food. The slogan of the campaign is ‘Have a Junami break’. They started a campaign in the beginning of 2015 with a large billboard next to one of the busiest highways, as well as with television commercials and in-shop promotions and actions. Furthermore, they are active via social media, giving away prizes. The campaign will last until mid-2015, with different actions spread throughout the months. 


 Italy – Pink Lady celebrates Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pink Lady and the Italian restaurant union have launched “Two hearts one love”, a promotion campaign for the lady apple. For an entire week, the members of the Italian restaurant union ran thematic menus based on Pink Lady. During the Valentine’s weekend, in-store promotions were held in 450 key supermarkets in Italy. At the occasion, Pink Lady also distributed 300,000 copies of a new recipe book. The book was elaborated by various chefs and lists 12 suggestions to prepare and consume Pink Lady, subdivided into the four categories romantic, exquisite, gourmet and sophisticated. Pink Lady was created in Australia in 1973 and has become very popular across Europe, in particular in France, Italy and Spain.


 United States – Michele Obama and Big Bird launch a new promotion video

First Lady Michele Obama stars in a new video together with Sesame Street’s Big Bird and US comedian Billy Eichner to promote the Produce Marketing Association’s ‘eat brighter!’ campaign. In the 12-minute video, Billy Eichner plays a game show host with the First Lady, Big Bird and another character as contestants. The host quizzes the contestants about different fun facts in a grocery store setting with the fruit and vegetable section in the background. The video is aimed at the millenials who are young parents with kids in the next generation. Since its release on 16 February, the video has been viewed more than 280,000 times.


  Italy – promotion for apples in the US

The Italian industry has come together for a combined promotion campaign in the United States for apples from the Consortium FROM: Italian Alps. The campaign launched on St. Valentine’s Day in several locations in New Yersey. Italy has a trade agreement with the US for two years already, but this will be the first promotional campaign.


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